Our fabrics, cushions ans sofas

Our inspiration for a warm winter

Summer's slowly drawing to a close, and with it, the desire to get into cocooning mode. We've tidied up the outdoors, and the garden furniture has gone back into the cellar or garage until next year. Now it's time to warm up!
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SIGMA, a new product made of linen...and paper!

Sustainable development, recycling and ethics are now considerations in all aspects of our lives, and the trends for interior design in 2023 are no exception. 
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A new collection of sofas, armchairs and chairs

VANO Home Interiors is pleased to present you with its new collection of seats adapted to all styles of decoration. Whether you are more modern chic, design, contemporary or classic, this new collection offers many models that will bring a touch of renewal and comfort to your living room. 
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Have you found the right cushion for you?

Discover our collection of decorative cushions in & outdoor! Cushions are a very affordable way to instantly change the atmosphere of an interior. Mix patterns, textures and colours to give your room a new look!
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VIDEO: Why choose HIGH PERFORMANCE fabrics?

Our collection benefits from high performance properties at the technical level: high resistance (strength, UV protection) allowing for a durable and environmentally friendly product, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Their special finish guarantees the appearance in a natural way, both visually and soft to the touch.
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Our online tool for the confection of your customised curtains and blind

Whether its for décor, to keep the heat in, or you just want some privacy, there are many reasons for decorating your inside windows. It is something worth thinking about, particularly as the options are so varied. Make the most of all your options by using our online design tool which allows you to view your customised window design immediately in just a few clicks!
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Our new fabrics ERNEST and SEQUOIA

VANO Home Interiors offers two new fabrics from European productions at affordable prices with a wide range of colours. 
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Cushions: the home furnishing accessory which changes everything!

Cushions are a very easy way of instantly transforming the ambience of your home: brave new motifs, colours and textures to give your room a new look.
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Linen, a timeless natural material

Naturally green in colour, linen is ubiquitous in our everyday lives. From bed linen to curtains, to chair and sofa upholstery, this chic, natural fabric, has earned a special place in our homes.
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