OURANOS Collection

OURANOS Collection


Slow design and style

Eco-friendly décor combining style and ethics. Our watchword is environmental protection using sustainable and recyclable materials, with an eye on the manufacturing process. Current trends give pride of place to textiles made in Europe, energy-efficient fibres and recycling to make the most of the circular economy. In this décor it’s back to basics, inviting you to take it easy.

Clean, warm décor

We go for soft colours like white, beige and grey combined with stylish accessories and natural materials. In this minimalist, functional design, every object has its place and its use. When it comes to windows, daylight makes a subtle entrance thanks to curtains and in-betweens.

XXL is right on target

Big picture windows, great expanses of glass, XXL openings... we’re on trend! The houses of today are built with ever bigger openings to the outside. Openings that provide a wealth of natural light, a glimpse of modernity and a great sense of space. These openings still need to be dressed for success. KAPPA, NAOS, LAMBDA, ADARA, SIGMA, with their wide widths up to 325 cm, provide the ideal solution to enhance your windows, soft to the touch and with a sumptuous hang.


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