Each order placed is a sale subject to these Terms and Conditions and indicates your assent to these Terms and Conditions unless otherwise mutually agreed in writing .

  1. The client is the only judge of the final use and destination of our fabrics, and is therefore fully responsible for any consequences that may follow on.
  2. Our samples mention product composition. Few fabrics are completely stable. Fabrics breathe and absorb humidity, resulting in stretching and shrinking. Variation in length is also depending on composition, woven structure, finish, and environment. It is impossible to be exact but the following indications have to be taken into consideration: Synthetic yarns can vary within 1% more or less, Cotton 1 to 4 %, Linen 5 to 7 %, Viscose 3 to 5 %, Silk 1 àto3 %. Any variation within this tolerance can not be considered as not normal and is therefore not subject to any claim.
  3. The absolute conformity in colour between samples and the available goods can not be guaranteed ; therefore, client willing a perfect match have to ask for a piece cut before delivery ; Exposure to sunlight will damage the strength of most fibres; therefore draperies should be lined and protected from both natural and artificial light.
  4. Pattern size and width mentioned on samples are indicative and can be slightly different; only by knowing the different cut lengths, can we supply the needed length matching customer instructions . A difference in pattern size will not be subject to any claim. We are therefore entitled to supply customers with fabrics showing a difference in colour batch, width and repeat size (within 5%) and quality within acceptable range and the needed length in different cut lengths, without prior notice.
  5. Special treatments on fabrics may have unexpected results, because of composition and finish. We are not responsible for any treatment applied after delivery. Order of minimum 1 meter will be carried out. Any cancellation have to be done in writing and will only be accepted if goods are not cut.

Clients are recommended to check all deliveries: control must be complete matching product, colour, quantity, cut lengths and non existence of spots, rips or stains, as no claims will be considered once goods have been cut or processed in any way. Any claim have to be introduced in writing within 8 days. Returns have to be agreed on. If claim is not accepted, goods will be returned to client at his own costs. No claims are allowed for return costs, labour charges as our responsability lies in replacing faulty fabrics only. All fabrics sent for replacement will be charged; a credit note will be issued after reception and control of the retuned goods.

Delivery time is only given for information : in case of delays, the client may not cancel his order or ask for any compensation. Prices are ex­works. Prices are subject to increase without prior notice.

Any information we should received regarding client reliability enables us to refuse any further orders and to change payment conditions previously applied . Invoices are cash payable without discount at our registered office. Any delay in payment will give rise in full right, and without prior notice, to the payment of interest of 12 % annual. Furthermore, if the first order to pay is not followed by payment within 15 days, the client will have to pay in addition in full right 10 % of the invoice with a minimum of 125 EURO, not including justice costs . In case of contestation, the court chosen by the seller is competent.

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