ARCHIPEL Collection

ARCHIPEL Collection

Calm and serenity

The texture of fabrics in the ARCHIPEL collection is an ode to the diversity of the islands, blending textured surfaces reminiscent of fine beach sand with fabrics like FOGO and BOA VISTA reminiscent of delicate ocean waves. Fabrics that reveal bold, generous textures, inviting the touch and evoking sensations of calm and serenity. The use of polyolefin yarns creates fabrics that are both sumptuous and practical, as they carry the High Performance label.

Natural simplicity

Inspired by the natural beauty of the islands, each fabric in the "ARCHIPEL" collection tells an enchanting story and offers an exceptional visual and sensory experience, capturing the very essence of tranquility and escape at the very heart of your living space.

Soft, refined ambience

The ARCHIPEL fabric collection evokes the timeless elegance of natural landscapes, capturing the understated, soothing beauty of neutral hues. Each fabric in this collection is an ode to the subtlety of natural nuances, highlighting white, beige and gray tones, fusing harmoniously to create a soft, refined palette. White hues evoke the purity and brilliant luminosity of pristine beaches, while shades of beige recall the gentle warmth of sand caressed by the sun.


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