OTTONE Collection

OTTONE Collection

Blue is the new black

A decor that perfectly adopts the color blue in the living room for a tranquilizing and relaxing effect. We are surfing the trend with the dominance of blue tones to create a reassuring atmosphere full of calm and confidence.

Deep, very elegant and intimate, navy blue has risen to the rank of fashionable color by crowding out the black and dark colors of our interiors.

LEON, a chenille uni with exceptional softness and swelling gives this decor a note of comfort and softness by enhancing the modern MISSOURI sofa. The combination with the gray color and the metal legs of the furniture gives a perfectly successful contemporary and urban decorative touch.

Industrial and ethnic chic

The combinaison of an industrial deco style in which the metal legs of the furniture are revealed with an ethnic-looking pattern. PANKA, this geometric ethnic pattern reveals all its beauty on the VENICE armchair, a cocoon of softness with its curved lines and its enveloping and warm silhouette.

Cozy and warm atmosphere

Achieve the mission of a restful living room and create an environment conducive to relaxation. Here, it's about creating a cozy atmosphere by using darker tones of blue associated with LANOSA fabric, a wide-width fabric with a woolly appearance for an intimate atmosphere. The bet succeeded in a daring atmosphere that is a bit mysterious, timeless and elegant.


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