AZROU Collection

AZROU Collection

Abstract expressionism

A collection lacking neither patterns nor colours. The geometric prints and ethnic trends in this collection recall travelling, adventure and the wildness of the great outdoors. AZROU is a non-figurative print inspired by abstract expressionism. The colours and shapes create a unique and delicate decorative effect.

Colours of the earth

In this colourful decor, the abundance of shades warms the room while inviting you to escape. A journey across a palette of colours which combines the warmth of spicy colours, turmeric yellow, Sienna red, terracotta, cherry, plum, mixed with shades of blues and greens for a breath of fresh air.

In search of the essential

The AZROU pattern is printed on linen, favouring beautiful, natural materials to respond to a search for the essential and a search for softness. It is combined with SUNSET velvet which has a straight and short pile and gives it its majestic modernity with a beautiful silky appearance. A beautiful blend of material to create refined ambiances in classic and contemporary spaces.


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