GATSBY Collection

GATSBY Collection

Sophistication from the roaring twenties

This collection is home to printed or jacquard velvets which are at home adorning your chairs. Two exceptional prints on velvet and cotton: like a gem-cutter, exceptional printed GEMS depicting an accumulation of photos in macro of semi-precious stones. A piece of art playing with contract and changing the face of luxury.  BASTILLE is a geometric jacquard of a tiled motif. 

Deep colours

The range of contrasting colours is candid and honest: yellow gold, ash grey, jet black, pearl grey, white glaze. Deep, radiant colours for dazzling décor. The dark shades make a perfect centrepoint to the golden hues.

The richness of velvet

This collection brings together several velvets. GEMS and BUFFALO, two cotton printed velvets. BUFFALO is an illusion print which looks like aged leather. It goes well on a Club armchair or an upholstered sofa. BASTILLE is a jacquard, tiling with the precision of construction of a building thanks to its geometric architecture. These velvet tiles with rich and dense fur contrast with the formal background. 


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