REFUGE Collection

REFUGE Collection

Ethnic geometric motifs

CURCUMA is a geometric print on linen, alternating warm colours, such as watercolours and faded colours, creating a reassuring and warm ambience. NAZCA is a formal jacquard inspired by famous Peruvian archaeological sites.  The all-over artwork has a neutral frame and coloured trim, giving a chic, ethnic, yet traditional style. It is fabulous for a small upholstered chair, or as an accessory.

Simplicity and serenity

The colours are simple, natural, warm and earthy: cotton, chalk, granite, laurel, poppy, rye, clay, pollen, mimosa, terracotta, turmeric, like spices subtly incorporated into the décor. Red earth and turmeric yellow are associated with a warm ambience.

Soft and authentic materials

Plain and two-tone pieces inspired by traditional fabrics will give your home an ethnic, natural and authentic look. The chenille yarns give it a smooth and soft look, ideal for curling up. Plain pieces are treated with a special finish to relax the fibres in order to make them more soft and flexible. 


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