Our fabrics with the "High Performance" label: technically innovative, highly resistant and durable fabrics

VANO demonstrates inventiveness and audacity by offering a selection of fabrics with the “High Performance” label.

Our collection benefits from high performance properties at the technical level: high resistance (solidity, UV protection) allowing to have a durable and environmentally friendly product, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The special finishing guarantees the appearance in a natural way, both visually and in terms of softness to the touch.

The advantages of the "High Performance" label

Our “High Performance” fabrics are made from a polyolefin yarn which gives them exceptional technical properties. The special finishing of this synthetic fiber provides increased resistance power to cope with daily aggressions.

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Resistant to fungus, bacteria, sun light, humidity, chlorine, food stains and sweat.

Machine washable 40°C.


100% recyclable

100% non toxic

100 class Oeko Tex Certificate


Pilling : 5

Martindale min : 30 000

Lightfastness : 7


Use both in-outdoor

The richness in the material effects of our “High Performance” fabrics

Our partners develop with innovation and passion fancy yarns that imitate the appearance of natural materials. The work of the thread offers a matte appearance in order to obtain a natural effect (like cotton). The structure of the yarn can also be worked to create loops with a woolly effect.

In addition, Maison VANO pays particular attention to the finishing work, which guarantees suppleness in the drape, softness to the touch and a very natural visual look.

Whether you are a fan of natural atmospheres or looking for colors and audacity, you will find in our range a variety of fabrics for all your development and decoration projects.

Our wide-width range of High Performance fabrics

 VANO Home Interiors is the 1st upholstery fabric editor to offer wide-width fabrics with High Performance properties, for use in making blinds and curtains.

Wide width fabrics are woven in a width between 280 and 300 cm. No sewing required as the drapery can be made in one piece. This is also an asset for patterned fabrics: they unroll without interruption for a perfect visual result. Since there is no need to sew strips side by side, the curtains fall completely naturally, with an even pleat.

Why choose a "High Performance" fabric

Our fabrics with the "High Performance" label combine many advantages of resistance (solidity and protection) while focusing on softness to the touch.

These are perfectly suited to residential sectors as well as to hospital, contract, nautical, thermal, catering or community sectors in general. 

Available in large widths for curtains or blinds, or suitable for making seats, our quality fabrics will perfectly dress your interiors.

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Simple fabric care

Have you made a stain on your seat and wondering how to clean it?

The technical properties of the fiber make it possible to deal with all everyday stains such as coffee, wine or even food. Our fabrics are thus specially designed to join interior or exterior fittings without fear of daily aggressions.

Stain resistance translates to easy care. You can dab these with bleach or machine wash your fabric at 40°C.


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