NOMADE Collection

NOMADE Collection

A chromatic odyssey

The NOMADE collection celebrates the very essence of wandering through a palette of warm colors that resonate with the majesty of nature. Inspired by the rich, haunting hues of vast landscapes, this range of fabrics evokes the soothing warmth of ochre tones, the mysterious depth of black, and the serenity of blue, blending with natural tones of striking beauty.
These warm shades, combined with a natural background, invite us to create spaces imbued with comfort, adventure and connection with the splendor of our natural world. Each fabric in this collection embodies the perfect balance between functionality and emotion, inviting escape and contemplation.

Modern graphics and ethnic heritage

The patterns and textures of the NOMADE collection capture the essence of travel. The collection evokes an enchanting fusion of nomadic spirit and cultural heritage, offering a series of fabrics that celebrate the diversity and beauty of ethnic motifs. COMORES' broad, rounded shapes embody the very essence of movement and freedom, capturing the fluid, harmonious rhythm of nomadic life. TOLEDO a geometric pattern, at once graphic and imbued with an ethnic touch, unfolds with captivating symmetry. Each detail seems to whisper ancient tales, skilfully fusing contemporary art and cultural heritage, creating a work that is both modern and imbued with timeless depth.

Elegant exploration, exceptional resistance

Designed to withstand the rigors of everyday life, these fabrics, woven with polyolefin yarn, have been awarded the High Performance label. They combine elegance, strength and resistance, while retaining a refined aesthetic and softness to the touch. Whether adorning outdoor seating or bringing a touch of adventure indoors, the NOMADE collection offers a sensory journey through unique fabrics, designed to accompany every space to new horizons, where elegance meets resilience


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