SAGUARO Collection

Collection SAGUARO 

Express relaxation

The need to slow down, to land in order to connect to the rhythm of nature is felt in our desires for outdoor decoration. The low garden furniture consisting of a large LEO corner sofa by Vincent Sheppard covered with the high performance ORIENT fabric invites you to settle into its soft cushions and relax. It suffices to integrate a few succulents or exotic plants as well as bright colors to reveal the power and the generosity of the vegetal atmosphere. Choose the deep blue, sunny yellow, fuchsia pink, flash orange of the NAVAJO and LEON cushions to bring a touch of pep and exoticism to a set of light colors.

Inspiring and Inspired

The ideal outdoor space is one in which you feel good, in which you want to spend time to relax and get away from the daily grind. The idea is to arrange a corner of paradise in which we can install a cozy garden decoration conducive to immediate disconnection. Choose the STEPPE curtain, a high performance wide width with a mottled appearance that gives softness and elegance to your decoration.

Refreshing and colorful

We are inspired by the jungle decor trend by choosing accessories in bright colors to contrast with garden furniture in light shades that brings a touch of softness. The Lagoon blue of the HANOI and AJACCIO cushions freshens up the outdoor ambience and allows the mind to escape far to better recharge its batteries. Perfect for getting away from it all on the couch.


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