PASHA Collection

PASHA Collection

Enhanced simplicity

A very simple decor featuring the beauty of the textures. The collection includes fabrics with beautiful material effects and the strength of the colours gives them all their brightness. PASHA is a semi-plain fabric with a blistered effect. Its natural appearance is comforting due to the thickness of the material. The velvet on the BASTILLE cushions adds character and maintains a modern and elegant spirit. 

Mustard yellow, an ally in interior decoration

Warm and bold, mustard yellow is a timeless colour that we like to combine with other shades. Less bright than traditional yellow, it is the reflection of a natural, vintage spirit and brings charm and energy. An ideal choice for a small room which doesn’t catch the sun or is north facing, as well as for a large space.

Natural raw materials

PASHA is a natural effect thick weave with a beautiful blistered structure. It has a natural appearance and is woven from 70% recycled cotton thread. PERGOLA is a 100% linen weave in large width, with a natural and casual effect and a range of colours which combines timeless and classic naturals with essential fashionable colours - mustard yellow, terracotta, celadon blue and powder pink. 


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