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A creation with fresh and luminous tones

A surge of freshness and softness in a setting where colors illuminate the room with delicacy. A universe that shines as much by the beauty of the hand-painted design as by the choice of its current and comforting colors: coral, navy blue, sage green sublimate this decor with an inspiring design.

An easy care treatment

For nature lovers in search of authenticity: we associate GIARDINO, a floral print on a linen canvas with weaves with the raw aspect of the bouclette yarn. A bouclette yarn in recycled fibers treated with easy care for CAMPO; a thick and structured terry for a guaranteed decorative effect with MERINO. The MERINO weave plays on a two-tone effect to give relief and surface effect. Treated with an "easy care" finish, they ensure easy maintenance in the face of daily aggressions.

A burst of cheerfulness and freshness

A walk in a nature where luxurious and generous leaves spring. GIARDINO is a spectacular plant print fabric evoking a garden in turmoil. The hand-painted design gives a spontaneous and naive note to this print. A universe in fresh tones that exudes a surge of softness.


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