A contemporary geometric pattern

Between the lines and blocks, ultra-geometric shapes are created to add a new dimension of motion and volume. These pure geometric shapes give the decor a contemporary feel. The lightly hypnotic pattern energises the room and becomes the key feature.

A delight by modern colours

Both the decor as a whole and the patterns of the METROPOLIS fabric make the different colour ranges coexist perfectly. We find blue, Classic Blue Pantone, the colour of 2020, a timeless shade for a comforting and elegant ambiance. By adding touches of orange, Tangerine Tango, the atmosphere becomes bolder and brighter. A successful combination for elegant, dynamic and modern decoration.

A play with colours and textures

This decor beautifully blends a variety of modern and elegant materials. We play on contrasts by combining high-performance materials with refined and elegant materials. METROPOLIS, a woven jacquard with a polyolefin yarn which gives it high-performance qualities, energy and graphic elegance. PALACE, a light matte velvet brings a touch of elegance for a most refined decor.


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