PRISMA Collection

PRISMA Collection

Geometrics with a twist

The large motifs are suited to decorating canopy curtains or scatter cushions. PRISMA is a print on linen, like a hand painted design, irregular, injecting innocence, joy and spontaneity. TANGO is a vibrant stripe, like a dance, revamped with a chevron motif. It stands out for its ornate embroidery. The small motifs are usually used to cover chairs. PANKA, a nod to the large oriental fans. It is a two-tone jacquard fabric with a natural trim and colourful chenille frame, displayed covering the VENICE armchair.

Warm ambience multicoloured art

A collection which isn't short of motifs or colour. For TANGO, two colours are available, the traditional reddish orange, or a refreshing turquoise, pink and yellow.  With PRISMA, the colourful composition resembling a stained glass window, is exceptional. With its play with contrast and colourful harmony, it goes easily with any of the tones within it. 

Mixing and matching character

A diverse mix of materials and textures conducive to original décor which stands out. With this décor, unique prints feature in inspiring original colours, all the while leaving room for exquisite embroidery. The chenille yarn in viscose means the shine is unexpectedly reflected


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