NAVAJO Collection

NAVAJO Collection

A tribute to traditional Native American and Navajo fabrics

Donning tribal fabrics, these cushions contain a mix of patterns for a colourful atmosphere and an other-worldly style. Bold combinations of colours creating an elegant, zesty atmosphere.

Bold, dynamic colours

Whether geometric or tribal, the fabrics from this collection are a subtle mix of invigorating colours. Bold combinations for flamboyant homes which see the world through rose, mint green, lagoon blue and electric orange tinted glasses. The perfect balance of bold colours, and warm and contrasting shades creating a fine decorative, tribal effect.

High Performance fabrics

This collection brings together jacquards woven from ultra high performance yarn, providing exceptional technical qualities. Fabrics are washable, resistant to UV light, 100% non-toxic and anti-allergic according to Oeko-Tex standards. They are chlorine resistant, stain-proof and resistant to food and sweat. Adds a splash of colour both inside and out!


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