BOLD collection

Collection BOLD 


Minimalist and refined contemporary atmosphere

BAUHAUS is a jacquard weave where the pattern is constructed by working with different weaves and fancy yarns which create a beautiful effect of texture and relief. Curved geometric shapes and lines structure this fabric coordinated with CRAFT, a "High Performance" semi-plain.


Soft and efficient materials

A decor enhanced by material and texture effects. Fabrics with fancy yarns that imitate the appearance of natural materials and benefit from a finish that guarantees suppleness in the drape, softness to the touch and a very natural visual look. We focus on soft and high-performance materials with ALLANA, an ultra-soft terry cloth, with a woolly effect, elegant and generous, with a raw and refined character that gives this decor a warm and comfortable spirit. ALLANA has “high performance” properties: resistance to abrasion, pilling, light.

A palette of neutral shades

An atmosphere that gives pride of place to neutral and light colors for a contemporary and timeless decor. The variations of white, beige and gray bring simplicity, light and sobriety, a sure value for interior decoration.


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