LAURA Collection

LAURA Collection

Poetic colors

Combination of elegance and femininity, the pastel pink of the BONIFACIO fabric blends perfectly with the gray tones of the PAPYRUS confections to infuse a soft and soothing atmosphere, full of lightness. We like to combine these pastel shades with light colors and soft and delicate materials to prolong the soft atmosphere of this decor.

Naturalness and softness

A warm interior bathed in a soft luminosity offered by the wide-width PAPYRUS fabric. The yarn used in warp and weft, with a generous and irregular texture, recalls the very natural spirit of linen. An atmosphere of calm and relaxation in a decor imbued with lightness.

Feminine and subtle aura

The powdery pink emancipates in this decor by revealing all its beauty on the PHOENIX armchair with its enveloping allure and rounded shapes for a decor imbued with femininity. It comes in a myriad of shades that are found here on the MARSALA and YULARA cushions, whose materials and tones soften your interior decoration. The airy structure of PAPYRUS confections brings a delicate, almost intimate light. 


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