New 2024 Collection : Embark with us towards 2024...

, une invitation à l’évasion et à la détente.Warm colors are king, recalling the ochre earth and the sun, but blues also have their place, symbols of the sea and sky. Natural colors, from white to beige, recall limestone and sand.

The VANO 2024 collections are an invitation to escape and relax.

Collection NOMADE

The NOMADE collection embodies an enchanting symphony of textures and colors inspired by the raw beauty of nature. Each fabric is an ode to adventure, capturing the nomadic spirit in shades of blues, ochres and blacks, a palette that evokes the vast expanses and warm tones of the desert.


Collection ARCHIPEL

The ARCHIPEL collection embodies a visual symphony inspired by the natural beauty of remote islands. Each fabric is a living canvas, capturing the raw essence and soothing tranquility of island landscapes. The nuances of the palette evoke the organic richness of nature: soft, warm sand tones, warm, peaceful natural tones. The "ARCHIPEL" collection can be used to elegantly dress seats, curtains, drapes and blinds, bringing a touch of escape and refinement to any interior.

Lagoa-Madeira-Corva-Moheli-Brava-Fogo-Boa vista