The need to slow down, to allow yourself to connect with the rhythm of nature is evident in our desire for outdoor decoration.

The difficult period that we have been experiencing in recent months has changed our normal habits and turned our outdoor facilities into a real refuge. Gardens, terraces and conservatories are becoming safe havens and places to escape to, which are important to create and decorate as additional living spaces.

Mobilar Outdoor KODO by Vincent Sheppard fabric CAGLIARI  | Cushions ORIENT, AJACCIO, CAGLIARI

Very popular from the first rays of sun, the terrace remains the privileged place to appreciate the summer sweetness. Thanks to their resistance to UV rays and stains, you can be sure of durable furniture over time that will not fear the sun too biting or prolonged aperitifs.

With your feet in the water, with a book in your hand, you dream of relaxing by the pool. With our fabrics adapted to the nautical sector, the sea air and salt water do not endanger the quality of our fabrics.

VANO Coussin Berber .jpgSofa OKLAHOMA Stof RIAD | Cushions BERBER et TANGER 

Outdoor trends for 2021 are sensing this and the time has come to pay as much attention to outdoor areas as you would to the inside of your home. Technical innovations, quality and material effects are at the heart of our collection of high performance fabrics.

 What is the HIGH PERFORMANCE label ?

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Our range of high performance fabrics, wide width fabrics or those suitable for chair upholstery and accessories, is designed with as much care as our interior living room fabrics. They are made from polyolefin yarn, which gives them technical qualities that make them highly resistant (resistant to abrasion, UV protection, resistant to food stains, sweat, chlorine and bleach).

IN&OUT getaway

The ideal outdoor space is one in which you feel good, somewhere you want to spend time relaxing and escape the daily routine.  The idea is to create a little paradise and set up cosy garden décor, which allows you to switch off straight away. 

 Collection FLOREANA and NAVAJO

  Cushions HANOI and AJACCIO
 The trend also applies to bay windows and living rooms connected to a terrace: the house opens and also brings the outside in, with the desire for a certain modularity and the desire to take the same seats and cushions from the outside in and vice versa. Outdoor products are technical, but increasingly diverse and refined and they no longer have anything to envy of their counterparts in the indoor living room. 

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 Confection GOBI | Zetel YORK Stof CAGLIARI

Quality and innovation are at the heart of our new collection with a selection of fabrics, wide width fabrics or those suitable for upholstery, with a finish that guarantees the appearance of a natural material both visually and in terms of being soft to touch.

When it comes to style, there is something for everyone

Plain colours take precedence this year with materials and textures that we want to be as natural as possible, whether it be for seats or for making curtains. Our collection offers a chromatic palette of natural shades that evokes the sweetness of summer.

Confection TOUNDRA


Colors in and outdoor !

Others will prefer printed motifs and vibrant colours from the FLOREANA and NAVAJO collection, a highly-colourful creation evoking travel and art while exuding joy and energy. 

Coussins Cancun, Aruba, Curacao

Ambiance Navajo

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