Trimmings, an integral part of decoration

Just like furnishing fabrics, trimmings have been brought into line with modernity in order to enter into perfect osmosis with our contemporary interiors. From the most classic to the most crazy elements, you will find something for every taste and every style.

Personalise your curtains, brighten up your cushions !

Trimmings are the perfect accompaniment to your curtains, cushions and seats, giving them a touch of delicacy or, on the contrary, a touch of pep!

Discover our DONNA piping to personalise your cushions in neutral and natural tones or bring an original touch with our FAIRIES natural thread marabou.

Trimmings, the faithful companion of the fabric

Braid, fringes, piping, ... These elements are part of the fabric, accentuating its style, finishing the border of a curtain, delicately personalising a cushion.

This ancestral and fascinating art, particularly present in the 17th and 18th centuries, is magnificently represented, notably by the Houlès brand, which produces magnificent pieces for all styles.

Assemble our LINDA fabric in large width with the CALLIOPE braid from HOULES, or our OMBRE fabric with the NEVA braid. You are free to choose whether you want to place these beautiful pieces in the height of your drapes, in the length of your drapes or elsewhere.

So, dare to highlight the boldness of these trendy elements in your interiors!