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  • Lookbook 2018

    An invitation to be elated, a praise to color and life. This catalogue gathers a collection of intense graphic textiles to create ensations of joy and conviviality. 
    Embroideries, jacquards and prints that translate the imaginary, inspired by a sense of evasion and exotism from all over the world. Designs are daring, colors are bright and cheering: lemon, linden tree, kumquat, lagoon, lime, sky.

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  • Lookbook 2017

    The new VANO fabric collection regroups opposite worlds, universes where a variety of cultures meet: flaming reds inspired by the warmth of the south blend together with natural and powdery tints from the north; fabrics inspired by history mix with contemporary cloth.

    There are flowers directly inspired by Art Nouveau, also natural material with neutral tones, as well as vibrant and cheerful colors, geometric shapes inspired by Scandinavian decoration, triangles and diamonds. It is a collection anchoring into the contemporary. Discover our catalogue >
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  • Lookbook 2016

    Collect, collectible , collection. Consolidate an infinity of different worlds and keep only the best of each entity to create a singular universe . A natural soul. jacquards - bark of the layered look. Ivory. Cotton flower . String. Sienna. Slate. Contrasting air sails by land structures. Royal blue. Tangerine . Marsala.

    Rhythmic surfaces by sets of lines and chevrons. Blood orange. Carmine red. Strings of caterpillars in velvet with the appearance of velvety touches . Powdery pink. Small irregular patterns.

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  • Flyers 2015

    Story-telling themes
    Our 2015 collection is developing a wide range of themes expressing a diversity of story telling atmospheres: playing colour games, matching classic or creative fabrics, exclusive prints, or plains and semi plains associations.
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  • Inspirations 2015

    Discover our inspirations! 
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