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Care instructions mention how to look after fabrics as it is not only a matter of the main composition.

Not only all fibers have to be taken into accounts but also their dye and finishing.

Care instructions are mentioned according to the international code ISO3758.

Care for Fabrics - washable fabrics

A fabric can be considered as washable if after washing dimensional stability (or a small fluctuation) and color fastness can be expected.

Few fabrics are washable especially if their composition is from a mix of different fibers; dimensional fluctuation due to humidity may vary according to the composition of the fabric.

The fluctuation usually mentioned are the following:

  • Synthetic fabrics : +/- 1% variation
  • Coton : 1 à 4 %
  • Linen : 5 à 7 %
  • Viscose : 3 à 5 %
  • Silk : 1 à 3 %


Wetcleaning is indicated by a symbol mentioning also the max autorised temperature. If the code is underlined, restriction is mentioned on mechanical action, as spinning and rinsing.

  • mild process at 60°C, Mechanical action : reduced,rinsing at gradually decreasing temperature(cool down), spinning : reduced
  • Wash at 40°C
  • mild process at 40°C, Mechanical action : reduced,rinsing at gradually decreasing temperature(cool down), spinning : reduced
  • A double underline beneath the wash tub indicates much reduced (minimum) washing conditions, and is designed specifically for machine washable wool products
  • When 30C or one dot is shown, the recommended maximum temperature for washing the garment is 30°C (85°F)
  • A single bar beneath the wash tub indicates reduced (medium) washing conditions at the appropriate temperature
  • Hand washed, Max, temperature : 40°C
  • Do not wash


When dry cleaning, some precautions have to be taken ;the letters (A, P or F) indicate which solvant can be used.

  • All solvants except trichloroethylene
  • All solvants except trichlorethylene, Mechanical action: reduced - drying temperature : reduced - water addition not allowed
  • only mineral spirits with wet cloth and neutral soap
  • only mineral spirits with care
  • No dry cleaning
  • Must be professionally dry cleaned, The letters contained within the circle indicates the solvent and the process to be used by the dry cleaner.
  • All solvants
  • Dry clean using the short cycle
  • Dry clean using reduced moisture
  • Dry clean using no steam
  • Dry clean on a low heat setting


Ironing at a too high temperature may damage fabrics especially if steamed. The number of points indicated in the symbol refers to the maximum accepted temperature.


  • Ironing temperature medium (110°C), Steaming and steam treatments could be risky
  • Ironing temperature medium ( 150°C)
  • Ironing at high temperature(200°C)
  • Do not iron, Steaming and steam treatments are not allowed