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Who we are

VANO HOME INTERIORS is an editor in home decoration fabrics and furniture available through retailers and decorators since three generations.

Directed by the Van Oost family since 1959, the company creates a collection of fabrics that includes more than 300 references.

The collection is redefined every year and adapted to the changes of a world in constant evolution. New products such as exceptional jacquards, grandiose prints and spectacular embroidery come into the collection as well as more technical fabrics for contracts and projects.

Analyzing trends, creating universes, working with trusted suppliers and manufacturers, developing color ranges with the greatest finesse enables us to create a beautiful collection.

VANO is established in the heart of Europe, in Belgium, near Brussels and distributed through decoration stores, mainly in the Benelux and France. VANO is also present in other European countries and internationally.


nouveautes2018BIS-(2).jpg   Our know-how:

  - Our tradition of passion and creativity places quality at the forefront of our strong values

  - Our collection offers a wide choice of fabrics for different uses: furniture, curtains,
    and cushions

  - Trusted and experienced professionals who are attentive to the clients’ expectations

  - We anticipate the demand to have a fast delivery time by having a wide choice of fabrics in           stock